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Electric mountain bikes and electric trekking bikes are giving the bike experience unexpected, new perspectives. Riding on a FOCUS electric mountain bike not only makes the ride itself easier. The smooth-riding experience is enhanced too. Fundamentally speaking, our electric mountain bikes are designed so that none of the actual riding fun of a mountain bike is lost. However, electric mountain bikes multiply all the fantastic characteristics that make up a mountain bike tour too.



FOCUS Models 2018



From 4,999 €

At the limit, at full speed. You can not go faster, but the RAVEN² takes you further. With your lightweight carbon bicycle with front suspension, you are even faster thanks to the SQUARED EXPERIENCE: the RAVEN², meticulously designed with light weight and perfect geometry, is the first XC electric racing bike. With its front suspension, it dominates the demanding stretches.

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Focus Sam²

focus sam

From 4,799 €

Nothing stops you. No obstacle is going to be too big for you. In descents, you are the king with the FOCUS SAM²; in the ascents, the SQUARED EXPERIENCE evokes the essence of the enduro: to go out more with the bike, despite the demanding and remote terrain. No buses, no gondolas, no pushing. Ascend to the mountain by yourself. Having fun despite the difficulty. You spend more time on the bike. Convince yourself.

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From 4,099 €

Your gaze traverses the vast landscape before you. Infinite slopes, demanding climbs and unspoiled nature. Our SQUARED EXPERIENCE revives the essence of mountain biking. Our JAM² helps you in the ascent to the summit so that you are able to complete an ascent once more. More mountains for you and your JAM².

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Focus Bold²

focus bold

From 3,099 €

Curve, curve, jump. Dirt on the face. A fantastic tour. The fever is already there; the floor burns. With our FOCUS BOLD² you will have a perfect track bike with front suspension. We want you to run as many tracks as possible, so the SQUARED EXPERIENCE assists you in the climbs. So that you take advantage of your departure. To maximize your Trail experience.

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From 1,899 €

Gently you are pedaling and dirtying you across the field; nothing slows your push. Today is your day, today you are free. Cross the forest, the secret lake. Thanks to SQUARED EXPERIENCE, the ride there will be a ride, and the fun extra route back home, a pleasure. What counts is the size of your smile after your break from the daily routine.

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From 1,349 €

WHISTLER² laughs at the conventions and goes a step further with the SQUARED EXPERIENCE. For you, the sport is taken for granted. Your ways are as wide as your interests are. Your route begins on the sidewalk, but does not end where the forest begins. The WHISTLER² combines a sports machine with the suitability for everyday use. You get more.

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Jarifa² Equipped

jarifa equipped

From 2,699 €

Experience all that you could only dream of so far. Put the essentials in the saddlebags, and just do it: with the JARIFA² EQUIPPED it is possible. Thanks to its complete equipment and the numerous additional options to add components, you will be prepared for any mishaps. SQUARED EXPERIENCE supports your craving to discover. The only thing you have to deal with is your next exit.

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From 1,999 €

The road to work? Routine. Use the bike to go shopping? The normal. Planning a weekend outing? Illusion in pure state. The AVENTURA² will be your reliable companion in the challenges of the day to day. Electronic assistance will be a means to an end. Thanks to compliance with the traffic regulations and its practical components, with AVENTURA² nothing will catch you unaware.

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